im seeing Queen + Adam Lambert tonight ayyy

Have fun

Have the best night ever!!! I wish I could go back :)



Everyone says Bohemian Rhapsody was the first song Adam sung for his idol audition, but he actually sung Michael Jackson first and the judges asked him to sing something else to understand his voice more. But Bohemian Rhapsody is the one that counts ❤️

Yeah I kinda remember that


Okay so when can we start assuming that Adam and Sauli are back together? It can not be a coincidence that they are at same place at the same time. It can’t!

I’ve had a year to get over their break up and I think I’m ready to have my heart ripped out of my chest again. They are a perfect couple and I so want them to be together. They have to restore my faith in love!

Now excuse me as I go to sob in the corner.